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Carolina Carolina

"Tarology began for me from my earliest childhood, with very precise visions that I had to learn to master. Helped by my precious pendulum and my venerable Oracle Ge, I will be at your side to advance serenely towards your happiness. Trust me, how I trust your future potential..."

My talents

Her gifts, her experience and her sensitivity have enabled Carolina to become the seer of the heart recognized by her peers and solicited by the great of this world.


Numerologist and Tarologist. Carolina puts her long experience and all her human qualities in your hands to answer your questions. Contact her as soon as possible, you will not regret it.


Her cards allow her to decipher her extrasensory perceptions. Certain divinatory supports will be more suited to certain situations, always to provide clear and precise answers. Her vocation is to do everything to allow you to access your happiness! Inspired by her feelings, she will show you the way ...


When there is a problem, there is always a solution ... Carolina can open the doors to your future thanks to her feelings or even through her Game of 32. She always puts a point of honor on honesty, whether it's on your side or his. Lies have no place in relationships. Its purpose is only to help you make your needs and wants come true.




Jack (Milwaukee)

Carolina's tarology helped me a lot. I am now confident in the future and feel better.


Maddie (Chicago)

I was professionally at an impasse. Carolina's tarot readings have been amazing. I listened to it and I don't regret it!


Veronica & Alex

Carolina was able to give us clear answers to our questions thanks to the power of her Tarots